We are proud of our mini rex rabbits

How the Honey Bunny Tree started 


In 2010 we started with two Himalayan mini rex does for pets. and put them in our basement. But are bunnies had no life. My sister said to get a Himalayan buck, so the bunnies can be mom's. But I wanted a broken black buck we looked on the web and the paper and emailed lot's of people but no one had a himalayan buck. We looked for five month's( my sister said we will never find him.)but The very next day I found a buck that I wanted.and In 2 weeks we got him (he was 2 month's old) .... We moved the bunnies outside for the summer and in the winter, we move them to the basement(it gets - 30' here, too cold for bunnies). So this is how our Bunny tree started.

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We live in Gilman Wisconsin.

               Enjoy our bunnies 




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