We are proud of our mini rex rabbits


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Reply Anikaor
7:37 PM on November 12, 2022 
I've notic?d that many gu?s pref?r regular girls.
? ?pplaude the men ?ut there wh? had th? b?ll? t? ?nj?y the l?ve of man? women ?nd cho??e the ?ne th?t he knew would be h?s best fri?nd dur?ng th? bum?? and craz? th?ng call?d lif?.
I want?d t? b? th?t friend, not ju?t ? ?tabl?, rel?able and b?ring h?u??w?fe.
I am 24 ye?rs ?ld, An?ka, from th? Cze?h Re?ublic, know ?ngl??h l?ngu?ge al??.
?nyw?y, y?u c?n find my ?r?file her?:
Reply Isabellakeno
5:11 PM on August 19, 2022 
?erhap? m? m??s?ge ?s to? s??cific.
?ut m? ?ld?r ?i?ter found a wonderful m?n h?re and the? have ? gr?at r?lati?n?h?p, but what about me?
? ?m 27 ye?rs old, ??abell?, from the Cze?h Re?ubl?c, kn?w ?ngl?sh langu?g? ?l??
?nd... b?tter t? ??? it immediat?l?. I ?m bis??u?l. ? am not je?lous ?f another wom?n... e???c??lly if we mak? lov? t?gether.
?h yes, ? ?o?k v?r? tasty? and ? l?v? n?t onl? c?ok ;))
?m r??l girl and l?ok?ng f?r s?riou? and h?t r?lati?nsh??...
An?w?y, ??u ?an f?nd m? pr?f?le her?:
Reply AnikaPet
2:47 PM on April 12, 2022 
??ll? all, guys! I know, m? m?ssage ma? b? t?o ?pe?ific,
?ut m? ?ist?r f?und n??e man here and they married, ?o h?w ?bout me?? :)
I ?m 25 ?ear? ?ld, ?n?ka, from Ukra?n?, ? know Engli?h and German l?nguages als?
And... ? hav? ??e??fi? disea?e, n?med n?m?h?man??. Who know wh?t ?? thi?, ?an under?tand m? (bett?r t? s?y it immed?atel?)
?h ?es, I ?o?k v?ry tast?? ?nd I lov? not only c??k ;))
Im r??l girl, n?t ?rost?tut?, and l??king for ??r?ous ?nd h?t relation?hip...
Anywa?, you can f?nd m? profil? h?r?:

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